Welcome to the home page of The European Rationalist. This site is dedicated to all those that place rationality and critical scientific methodology above all other argument. We respect all people of different beliefs and faiths. We see the need for dialog between people of faith and those of none as a necessary stepping stone for an evolving society. Unlike many others that appear to promote rationalism, we do not need to explicitly or intentionally offend anyone by taking a negative view of their beliefs and faith. Our primary thrust is to promote concepts related to rationality.

From small beginnings, The European Rationalist (Rationalist.eu) has now acquired The Rationalist (Rationalist.org). We need more contributors and make this site a new frontier in advancement of reason and the dissemination of such ideals to a wider audience. This site is now under construction and we should have a new updated site my mid-2006. All the old articles will continue to be displayed in the mean time.

For an initial period following the foundation of this society, we aim to take the visitor through many aspects related neuroscience, philosophy, economics, religion, sociology, anthropology, psychology, history, politics, and science. (Where possible, we will reproduce articles and highlight existing articles, rather than do a copy edit and then try to gain credit).  In particular, we will endeavour to highlight the relation between these subjects and rationality. Indeed, we hope to convey to the lay-person, the limitations of human reasoning in a psychological context and the need to understand these in a rational manner. This way, we hope to enable more people to understand the nature and characteristics of modern society, and why (to a large extent) we have a society that is primarily consumption-driven. In the process, we want to enable the visitors to this site to imagine a world view that is driven by more noble aims as a primary goal. After this time, when our framework is established, we will then hope to contribute collaborative works to this debate, and especially the directions of society, culture, and progress.

Due to the large number of articles that The European Rationalist references and publishes, please note that the specific views expressed in some articles are not necessarily endorsed in their entirety by the editors.
We welcome all those with similar aims to contact us and see they can contribute to this goal. As background readings, we recommend the following as a start for all our visitors to understand the terms and contexts we use.






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