All the authors whose work/research is used here, or reproduced in full are as follows:

Inner Empiricism as a Way to a Science of Consciousness,  by Jacob Needleman 
Rosch, Transformation of the Wolf Man
Walsh reviews Wilber’s Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution

Gilles Fauconnier, Introduction to Methods and Generalizations, (Methods and Generalizations. In T. Janssen and G. Redeker (Eds). Scope and Foundations of Cognitive Linguistics. The Hague: Mouton De Gruyter. Cognitive Linguistics Research Series.)

John McCrone, The idea of the brain as a computer has thoroughly seduced us. But the old grey matter may be just too sloppy for such a neat metaphor.

What is anthropology? Thomas Hylland Eriksen, London: Pluto 2004


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The Computational Model

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